Introducing Sunny Bank PRS

Since 1988, we have developed and fulfilled an important rehabilitative role in contributing towards the community care, supervision, support and recovery of people with mental health problems, in close collaboration with the NHS and Social Services.

In January 1988 “Sunny Bank” was opened as a registered residential care home for clients with mental health problems.

At Sunny Bank PRS we aim to provide client-centred, rehabilitative for our residents who require medium to long term care, some of whom progress on to (semi) independent living within the community.

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Families & Professionals

Relatives & Friends

"On the basis of my visit to Sunny Bank, I can vouch for the kindness and generosity shown to me. Certainly my cousin is settled there and seems very happy. I have been impressed by the change in her demeanour and outlook in life. She has really come out of her shell and that is good to see. My thanks to everyone at Sunny Bank who has helped to bring this about."

"We believe our friend's quality of life has been enhanced enormously by the care and support he receives at Sunny Bank"

“I am extremely impressed by your service, and it is the best place my son has ever stayed at, and I am really pleased with the care he received at Sunny Bank”

"Some of the happiest years of her life were spent at Sunny Bank, her struggles in the beginning soon became her success, her achievements her friendships, even the most awkward and stubborn moments (and Mary there were a few) were all part of who she was. These are the times we will always remember and take comfort in. We will never be able to thank you enough"

“It is truly appreciated all the help, support, understanding, patience, encouragement, training, knowledge, confidence, kindness given to our son which will help to start him on the way to independence”

“With you, our daughter has a full, interesting and ordered life which we really appreciate. We always know she is safe, cared for and reasonably happy, enjoying all the activities”

“It soon became obvious my sister could not live in a finer place, where dedication, encouragement, support, love and happiness are number one priorities. You all soon became my friends, my extended family”

“When my nephew came to Sunny Bank it was like having our prayers answered... he is happy, and when I leave him after visiting him I know that he is well looked after and cannot find any faults. I cannot speak highly enough about Sunny Bank, the care staff and management”

Care Co-ordinators

"Excellent rehabilitation service which I actively recommend to other professionals and use as first choice for my own clients, well done Sunny Bank."

"The patients I know who reside or have resided at Sunny Bank have all expressed to me they enjoyed or are enjoying their time at Sunny Bank, I have seen a great improvement in them all."

"Thanks for the great work you have done with my client. He appears much happier, he is settled and his social skills are improving as he lives there, well done.“

"As newly involved in this client’s care, having read through the case file since he was a child, and that the only time there had been any positive action or response in his life or positive comments about his life and him had been since his move to Sunny Bank”

“My client has improved so much since admission, with a high standard of care she has received”

"Sunny Bank is a good place where patients/clients feel relaxed, comfortable and well supported. Management of Sunny Bank is excellent due to the rigorous organisation, attention to every detail of clients needs and devotion to give an excellent service."

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