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Evaluation & Reviews of Care/Support and Lifestyle

As the client's skills, confidence and mental state improves, their programme is gradually upgraded and new activities and responsibilities included, whether that be within Sunny Bank PRS facilities, their own home or local community, and strategies and approaches altered accordingly.

Sources of Feedback Monitoring and Evaluation
From the clients is via:-
  • Sunny Bank PRS outcome questionnaires
  • Informal discussion / contact with individuals / groups
  • Individual sessions
  • Discussions at the end of activities
  • Reviewing their current care/support plan
  • Group meetings
From Sunny Bank PRS staff is via:-
  • Contact with clients in the above situations
  • It is reported and recorded via clients’ case notes
  • Clients’ care plans
  • Verbal hand-overs
  • Care Management (and CPAs) Reviews
  • Sunny Bank PRS Client Review Meetings
From families is via:-
  • Informal liaison or contact (in person, telephone or by email)
  • Care Management (and CPAs) Reviews
  • Sunny Bank PRS outcome questionnaires
From other (health care) staff, community or hospital based is via:
  • Informal liaison / contact (in person, telephone or by email)
  • Their own formal (assessment) reports
  • Sunny Bank PRS's Report Form for External Agencies
  • Care Management Reviews (and CPAs).
  • Sunny Bank PRS outcome questionnaires
Evaluation or Review Process

Information gained from the above sources is used to review / amend client’s care/support plans and lifestyle as necessary (in conjunction with them), which depends on their current needs / problems.

This occurs:-

1. As and When Required.

This may be even on a weekly, daily or even less, basis if the client’s needs are constantly changing.

2. Care Management Reviews.

These may be instigated by outside agencies (e.g. under the care management system) or by Sunny Bank PRS, or by the client themselves.

The client can choose how much of a CMR meeting they are involved in, and ask Sunny Bank PRS managers to raise any issues / concerns with other participants on their behalf.

A resume of the client’s current care/support plan is presented by qualified staff, which incorporates personalisation work completed by the client, and other relevant topics such as medication and other specific programmes / contracts.

The client’s personal Risk Assessment is also presented, discussed and agreed upon. Representatives’ agreement to the risk assessment is demonstrated by their signature on the form.

They are attended (or information / feedback provided to absentees) by: -

  • Families / friends / representatives. Clients will always be asked if they wish them (and who) to attend, before the people concerned are asked.
  • The client themselves
  • Sunny Bank PRS staff (always attend)
  • Other staff involved with the client’s care/support (e.g. care co-ordinators, etc).

Sunny Bank PRS will endeavour to ensure that these reviews occur every 6 months, but it is ultimately the client’s Care Co-ordinator’s responsibility for coordinating the reviews, and on occasions the timescale is not within Sunny Bank PRS’s control.

After the meeting, the Sunny Bank member of staff completes the “Review Meeting Record”, and circulates it to other professionals, relatives, etc. and the client.

3. C.P.A. and Psychiatric Out Patient Reviews

These occur under the Care Programme Approach, and hence do not occur for every client. Sometimes, Care Co-ordinators will seek to combine these with Care Management Reviews, but for the benefit of the clients, Sunny Bank

PRS feel they should be a separate process, however it is often appropriate for them to be linked to the appointment/review with their Consultant Psychiatrist.

Aspects to be Considered in the Review or Evaluation Process

The priority order of topics will always vary:-

  • Suitability of placement / provision of care / accommodation
  • Care/support plan
  • Progress
  • Risk Assessment
  • Future plans
  • Worries / concerns
  • Level of independence / support required
  • Interaction or relationships with others, e.g. our staff, other clients, families
  • Physical and mental health issues, preventative health care measures e.g. tests, vaccinations. and wellbeing
  • Psychological factors (e.g. responsibility, initiative, stress and coping mechanisms)
  • Review of specific contracts or programmes or guidance
  • Feedback from other services, agencies, professionals involved in clients’ care/support.
Outcome of Evaluation or Review Process

The process may or may not result in change with regards to:-

  • Care plan
  • Where, How, By whom
    - existing and future accommodation and/or care/support is provided
  • Current Risk Assessment
  • Further reviews by other health or social care professionals, (e.g. medication)
  • Contact with others (e.g. family, friends)
  • Lifestyle
  • Referral to other professionals, services, community facilities

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