Referral Procedure

It is anticipated that all referrals will have been assessed within the Care Management Process prior to referral.

On receiving a telephone referral, usually the first contact is made with the client in their current accommodation, whether that be home or hospital, so that they feel more at ease within a familiar environment. A Director or Manager would interview and assess the person.

They will talk to all current professionals involved in their care/support. Following the prospective client’s written permission,(which must be obtained before the process can start) the assessing staff would expect free access to the person’s case notes and care plans, etc., and for the Care Co-Ordinator to do any appropriate liaison with medical and other stafffor this process to occur. This is to assist in the assessment and decision process.

Assessment of Risk forms part of our ongoing assessment, at this stage and throughout the referral and assessment admission process.

If it is felt that the client may be suitable, arrangements are made for the person to visit Sunny Bank PRS facilities, and family members and appropriate professionals are encouraged to visit also, although this is usually at a different time.

The first visit is to enable the prospective client to seethe locality, layout and standard of accommodation and facilities offered, and hear briefly about the Service.

A strong emphasis is placed on the individual’s own decision and responsibility as to whether the assessment process continues, and that they should see and discuss all other possible care/support alternatives.

It is very important for the assessment process to properly occur, as this minimises the risk of placement or service provision not being what the client (and family) anticipated, and additional disruption and worry occurring for the client. Assessment visits take place over a six to eight-week period, with visits of increasing length. An advance schedule of cost for this assessment can be provided. This costing is usually done as a letter for a Funding Panel and is based on an hourly rate between 8am–11pm.

Where appropriate at any point in the assessment process the Service Manager or Director will contact the local Care Quality Commission office and/or other bodies to discuss any potential issues or seek guidance.

During these visits the prospective client will be given opportunities to: -
  1. See the local area and facilities.
  2. Participate and be assessed within a variety of activities, etc. which they would encounter on moving in.
  3. Become familiar with the philosophy, lifestyle and facilities.
  4. Meet and get to know other clients and staff.
  5. Fully discuss the “conditions of care or support", and tendency (if applicable)
  6. Start participating in the care/support planning process where applicable.
  7. Experience considered risk-taking.

It is the intention of Sunny Bank PRS, that if at any time during the assessment visits either party involved in the process, feels that the care/lifestyle being offered/proposed would be unsuitable, that a review meeting would be called by the Care Co-Ordinator to arrange an efficient and co-ordinated halt to the process, to ensure as little disruption to the client as possible.

During the assessment visit, a full Social and Personal Assessment, individual risk assessment, and detailed care/support plan identifying long and short-term goals, choices/wishes, needs and problems and activities/lifestyle, are compiled by a Director or the Service Manager, but all Sunny Bank PRS staff contribute with their observations.

Appropriate individual (behavioural) contracts, programmes, guidance and how to stay well plans that will be necessary for the individual client, are also established.

All of the above information will be used to compile a “Care/Support Package” portfolio which will be presented by the Service Manager or Director at the end of the assessment process in a review meeting. This meeting is attended by the client, relevant professionals and family members.

The level of fees being requested will be based on the information presented in the Care/Support Package portfolio, and subsequently the Care Co-Ordinator, etc. will take this information to a Funding Panel.


Fees vary according to: -
  • The client’s needs.
  • The intensity of rehabilitation required.
  • The individual’s staffing requirements.

It is recognised that the assessment may result in the recognition that Sunny Bank PRS’s facilities and care (approaches) are not appropriate for the referred individual. However, we feel that this is still a positive experience/outcome as it assists the individual, fellow professionals (and family), to identify what would be a more appropriate care/support setting. If necessary, Sunny Bank PRS can supply an assessment report and information detailing this process.

If a prospective client is being assessed for supported accommodation Intensive Housing Management and it is recognised that their needs extend beyond those of housing related support, then funding will need to be sought from Health and/or Social Services.

Following agreement on the anticipated care/support package and fees, a date for admission/day care for assessment is arranged with all concerned parties.

Care Co-ordinators are reminded that we must receive the client’s current: -
  • Care management assessment.
  • CPA paperwork.
  • Risk Assessment Care/Support plan, all prior to commencement of care.
For Sunny Bank

Following the 6 - 8 weeks of assessment visits and the meeting to establish the care package and funding, the client is admitted to Sunny Bank for a continuous 12 week period (i.e. assessment admission). A further review meeting is held and the client signs for “Permanent” residency.

“Permanency” for these purposes refers to a residency lasting longer than 6 – 8 weeks.

For Day Care/Supported Accommodation

A minimum of 4 – 6 weeks’ attendance prior to a review, and potential continued attendance.

All referring agencies need to recognise that the consolidated period of an assessment admission (attendance), may produce further insight into a client’s needs, and consequently care package arrangements and funding may need reviewing.

General Comments

The client's Care Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that the financial implications to the client, and their personal allowances (if applicable) and contribution to fees (usually via their benefits, etc), is fully explained to, and understood by the prospective client, and their relatives.

All referring agencies should note that it is their responsibility to issue the client with a statement/contract regarding their financial responsibilities towards fee payment, and information regarding the local authority’s contract with Sunny Bank PRS, in addition to any documentation issued by Sunny Bank PRS.

Sunny Bank PRS recognises that sometimes the provision of care/support for a client has already commenced before a formal contract is received by them from the appropriate Social Services Department (and Health), but this is only acceptable on a short-term basis. Hence Sunny Bank PRS are accepting in good faith, any verbal negotiations that have previously occurred between Sunny Bank PRS and the Care Coordinator, with regards to payment and contractual arrangements.

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