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Conditions of Care Provided at Sunny Bank PRS


Residents who are case managed (or their representative) are advised to familiarise themselves with their Contract of Care agreed between their Social Services Department and Sunny Bank PRS. They are advised to seek this information initially from their Care Co-ordinator.

It should be read in conjunction with the following information. When a client commences “permanent” care, they will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to the conditions of care. If necessary a supplementary contract based upon the client’s specific care needs will be agreed jointly with all parties concerned.


It is likely that fees will be paid for through various benefits from the Benefits Agency and Social Services (and possibly have a Health Care Component). However, if a client is subject to M.H.A. Section 117 Aftercare then they do not contribute any of their benefits towards that fee.

Privately funded clients are also accepted, dependent upon the usual criteria and assessment. They are advised to visit Bury MBC website and their pages on the Bury Directory Website for further details about financial assessments, with regards to how much they would have to pay / contribute to their fees, for both the assessment process and ongoing admission. Any queries regarding financial assessment should be addressed to the Care-Coordinator.

As described in the referral procedure the level of the weekly fee rate is based upon their individual needs as assessed within Sunny Bank (and not whether they are publicly or privately funded). The initial fee rate is established at the end of the client’s assessment visits to Sunny Bank, and is supported by the detailed care package presented at their review meeting.

Client's Suitability

If during, or after the assessment period it is felt that the client is not suitable for continued care a review meeting will be held with all relevant parties. It is the responsibility of the professional/individual, who originally referred the client to find alternative care by 2 weeks after notification of the need to transfer, unless it is an emergency, where time is of the essence.

All attempts by Sunny Bank PRS will be made to ensure that an emergency situation does not arise.

Unsuitability for continued care usually, though not always, is due to: -

  1. The client needing far more professional care than a registered residential care home is intended to provide, for physical and/or psychiatric reasons.
  2. The client is exhibiting: -
        a. Behaviour which constitutes a risk to themselves and/or other clients.
        b. Behaviour which severely affects the therapeutic environment within Sunny Bank PRS’s facilities.
        c. Behaviour which adversely affects the local community.
  3. Non-payment of fees, or other monies owed to Sunny Bank PRS.
General Responsibilities For All Clients

If a client is deemed responsible for their actions regarding deliberate damage to furniture, fittings or fabric of the property, they will be billed for damages. Any deliberate damage caused by a client’s visitor is the responsibility of the visitor, or the client. It is the client’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the House Rules for themselves and their visitors, and to ensure that they are adhered to.  

Payment of Fees

Fees may rise due to: -

  1. The cost of inflation in periods of not less than one year, when a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice will be given of any increase.
  2. A change in the client’s needs. Such an increase will only occur after a full client review meeting, involving the client, Sunny Bank PRS staff, Social Services and/or family members, after which it is submitted to the Council's funding panel for consideration if the fees are paid by the Local Authority (& Health Component). For such a change the client's revised fees would only start if they have been approved by the funding pane;. f the client was fully privately funded then the revised fees would start after the review meeting with the client and any family.

          Non-payment of fees whether paid privately or by the Benefits Agency/Social Services) either by: -
          a. a client (deemed to be aware of, and responsible for their actions by their treatment team) or,
         b. a client’s appointee/representative, will imply that they no longer wish to receive Sunny Bank PRS care.

Fees are payable from the date of commencing care (which is usually a Monday) until the date of discharge (which is usually a Sunday) or transfer.

Reference should be made to each local authority’s specific terms and conditions regards any temporary transfer or absence from Sunny Bank concerning payment conditions.

Residency at Sunny Bank
What You Get For Your Fees
  1. Bedroom accommodation, and use of communal house and garden facilities.
  2. Full board which consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and light supper.
    · Hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fresh fruit.
    · Individual preferences of food are catered for.
  3. All service costs.
  4. Provision of towels and bed linen.
  5. Laundry (except dry cleaning).
  6. Provision of basic toiletries (e.g. soap).
  7. All individual (re)habilitative care and support provided by Sunny Bank PRS staff, within the accommodation and the local community.
  8. Use of recreational facilities within Sunny Bank.
  9. Free Wi-Fi access.
  10. All administration concerning medication, the provision of household remedies and basic first aid supplies.
  11. The resident will be expected to pay for personal telephone calls, hairdressing, personal toiletries, clothing, dry cleaning, necessary maintenance (for health and safety reasons) of any of their personal equipment, contribute to any taxi fares and specially arranged one off events/activities within and outside of the rehabilitation programme.
Absence and Discharge
  1. If a resident goes away on holiday or into hospital, full fees are still payable if the bed is to be retained for a period of 6 weeks and thereafter 80% of the agreed weekly rate, or pro rata on a daily basis, for a maximum of 6 weeks.
  2. If a resident goes into hospital their bed will automatically be retained, unless it is felt by all professionals involved in their care, that this is not applicable.
  3. In this instance their date of discharge will be the Sunday following this decision.
  4. If a resident decides to leave, and they have resided at the accommodation for 42 days or less, not less than 2 weeks notice must be given, or where they have been resident for more than 42 days, not less than 4 weeks notice must be given. The date of discharge is at the end of these time periods. It is advisable that notice of discharge is on a Sunday, so that any move occurs on a Monday.
    (It is recognised that in exceptional circumstances an emergency situation may have arisen, in which case such notification is impracticable).
  5. However, if they have a specific contract issued by their Social Services Department to Sunny Bank PRS we will follow the guidance therein.
  6. They are recommended to ensure that all other professionals concerned with heir care are advised of their wishes, so that they can assist the individual as required.
Personal Possessions

Residents are encouraged to have personal possessions, subject to health and safety, and fire risk assessments, which remain their property. Small items of significant value should be kept with the safekeeping facility in the Main Office, or individual locked storage for their room is available on request, (unless a risk assessment in the care plan indicates otherwise). Sunny Bank PRS policy covers loss or damage to a resident’s personal effects up to the value to £2,500 (cover is subject to an excess of £500 (i.e. the first £500 of any loss is not covered), so residents are advised that if they want cover below or above these amounts to obtain their own policy. The staff will attempt to provide security for residents’ possessions but no responsibility can be accepted for items retained in a resident’s bedroom.
All residents are expected to adopt a responsible attitude to all aspects of security within Sunny Bank.

Financial Responsibilities For Clients

Where it has been requested that a member of Sunny Bank P.R.S management is appointee (for their benefit payments) for a resident, itis the responsibility of the client themselves, their family/relatives, and their Social Worker to ensure that: -

a. the correct financial information (e.g. income, savings)is given for any financial assessment and/or benefit claim, to the Benefits Agency.

b. the client and/or family/relatives are responsible for any monies owed to the Benefits Agency prior to admission to Sunny Bank PRS, and subsequently the payment of the difference of any adjusted benefits and/or arrears.

However, we would prefer if a family member is unable to assume the role of appointee, that a solicitor undertakes the role (this is often arranged by Social Services, although the client pays any fees due for the service).

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) mobility allowance will not be paid in advance to a client by Sunny Bank PRS, and clients will have to wait for payment to be made by the Benefits Agency.

Where clients receive PIP mobility, they should be aware that due to their stated needs (entitling them to PIP mobility payment), they may be asked by Sunny Bank PRS to contribute towards their costs of external transportation. These costs are often shared with others.

Those clients not receiving PIP mobility payment, may be asked on occasions to contribute to taxi costs.

Daycare At Sunny Bank
What You Get For Your Fees
  1. Use of communal house, garden and recreational facilities.
  2. Free Wi-Fi access.
  3. Where attendance includes: -
    a. the period from 12 noon to 1pm,the client will receive a light lunch
    b. the period from 4.30pm to 6pm, the client will receive a main meal
    c. the period from 6pm to 9pm, the client will receive supper
    (If requested by the Social Worker, as part of the client’s care package, a main meal can be provided at lunch).
  4. Hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fresh fruit.
  5. Individual preferences and special diets are provided.
  6. Individualised planned (re)habilitative care and support provided by trained and experienced staff, within Sunny Bank and the local community. This care forms part of the clients’ total care and management provided by their multidisciplinary team and will include regular liaison and reviews between Sunny Bank PRS staff and the rest of the team.
  7. Any costs incurred through usual rehabilitation activities (e.g. admission/activity costs), during their normal attendance times.

N.B. The client must pay for any personal telephone calls and personal purchases they make whilst attending Sunny Bank. They will be offered attendance at any coach trips, shows, etc. that Sunny Bank PRS are attending, but the costs of these special events will need to be met by the individual e.g. the cost of the theatre ticket and associated transport.

Attendance and Payment
  1. If a client's attendance and care plan has already been arranged and agreed upon, and they choose to arrive late or leave early, then the fees are calculated according to the agreed attendance times. A week’s notice is required for planned non-attendance (e.g. appointments, holidays, etc.), otherwise the intended period of attendance will be billed.
  2. Clients and/or their representatives are asked to give a week’s notice if day care attendance is to be terminated, however they are recommended to ensure that all other professionals concerned with their care are advised of their wishes, so that they can assist the individual as required.
  3. The amount of time attending at Sunny Bank cannot be increased / reduced without discussion with the Care Co-Ordinator and Sunny Bank PRS Service Manager / Director. If the client’s attendance is being paid for by the Local Authority, it has to be approved / discontinued by the funding panel.
  4. A client’s day care attendance will only be terminated by Sunny Bank PRS after a review meeting has been held with the client, and Social Services and/or family members. This meeting will be arranged for a date to suit all parties, and as soon as is practicably possible.
  5. If the client is admitted to hospital then it is negotiated with members of their care team whether the day care place is held for them.
Client's Specific Responsibilities
  1. Clients must inform staff when they arrive or leave the premises, for fire procedure purposes.
  2. Wherever possible it is the client’s (or their representative’s) responsibility to inform us a week in advance, of any commitments in the following week which may affect their attendance and hence programme.
  3. Clients (or their representatives) should endeavour to make any personal appointments outside of day care attendance times.
  4. Sunny Bank PRS cannot assume responsibility for clients’ actions and/or their safety whilst travelling to, or from day care.
  5. If a client is likely to be late or not attending that day, they or their family are asked to inform Sunny Bank. Otherwise, if a client has not arrived within a hour of their anticipated arrival, then as appropriate, family members, other agencies involved in care and their Social Worker, will be informed by Sunny Bank PRS staff.
  6. It is expected that clients will only attend Sunny Bank for their agreed times. If a client arrives at other times then the appropriate people (e.g. Social Worker and/or family) will be informed.
  7. Clients are responsible for all personal moneys and valuables whilst on Sunny Bank PRS premises, unless they have chosen to give them to Sunny Bank PRS staff for safe keeping in the office.
  8. If a client is independently self-medicating(prescription only medication and/or household remedies), it is their responsibility to do so safely, and ensure that no other clients have access to their medication. If requested to do so, Sunny Bank PRS can keep a client’s medication in the office for safekeeping, with access for the client to self-medicate.
  9. Clients are asked to respect the privacy of those clients who are resident within Sunny Bank, and hence not enter their personal rooms unless invited to do so by that resident.  

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